Thursday 23rd May 2019,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Hax Best Sex Pheromones For Men

Everyone knows that humans have subtle sex pheromones that attract us to each other. However, we have pretty much lost most of these pheromones or we have lost the ability to pick up on them. Perhaps that is why guys have such a terrible time picking up women.

Now, a revolutionary new product is available by Hax Pheroceuticals – they have developed a whole range of sex pheromones that actually work. Real scientists and real doctors have tested this best pheromones out and chicks can barely resist the men that have it on. I’ve tried the Holy Grail and the Ladykiller while I’ve been out and about and it is ridiculous how well it works. Cologne doesn’t even compare, but if you have a good one it might be wise to mix the two for some extra powerful abilities to get laid, that will blow your mind.

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