Thursday 23rd May 2019,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Silicone Prostate Probe

As a guy, there is nothing that I like better than getting my prostate massaged by a lady. It might seem strange, but I recommend that a woman put a finger or two in my ass when she is going down on me. However, my newest addiction is the Silicone Prostate Probe. Basically, this is anal heaven. I would rather have this thing massage my prostate than any finger, any day. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to have a hot alien come over and put a probe up your behind now is your chance with this erotic toy. Just have a hot chick come over, pull down your pants, put your dick in her mouth and then put this toy in your ass.

With ridges, and different materials and widths up and down the shaft, the Prostate Probe is built to give you one of the most incredible orgasms with only the unique teasing power of the male prostate. I have used this toy on a few women, so I know they like it too. I actually know a few chicks that can get a full on orgasm from anal pleasure. I just know how this thing works on me, because I can’t get enough of this toy.

I have been using this toy for a couple of weeks, ever since a girl I actually brought  over introduced it to me. I wasn’t really into anything going into my butthole, but this girl I met at a hotel lounge insisted. So, me being Jack Gary and all, obliged. I am glad I did. So, she started going down on me – really working the shaft – up and down. I am pretty sure that she got an entire testicle in her mouth. It was amazing and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Then I felt the Prostate Probe enter. It has a really narrow shaft for easy entrance and a base so that it doesn’t go too far inside, which wouldn’t be fun if it did. As she was sucking my dick, she slowly inserted the Probe and each time its ridges and nubs hit my prostate I literally shivered with pleasure. Then, as she was sucking with her mouth, stoking my one hand, and shoving the probe in my ass, I came all over her face and in her mouth. It was by far one of the most incredible orgasms I’ve ever had. I highly recommend the Prostate Probe.

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