Thursday 21st February 2019,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Sportsheet Sports Cuffs

If you want to experiment with handcuffs, but don’t want the whole uncomfortable metal feeling that real handcuffs have, than the Sportsheet Sports Cuffs make an excellent alternative.  I can’t tell you how my times I’ve pulled these cuffs out of my bag of toys and had some incredible nights of wild passion. I love being tied up, cuffed, restrained and even a little roughed up by a gorgeous woman. One night in particular stands out, because this time the tables were turned. I met a girl who wanted to get tied up and I happily obliged.

A few weeks ago I was home on a rare weekend of being able to rest and recuperate after a long couple of weeks of travel. I called one the many girls that I like to sleep with that live in my city to see if I could get something going. There is nothing like coming home after a few weeks and getting laid. She came over, we had a nice dinner and then it was time to move into the bedroom. I pulled out the Sports Cuffs, because I knew that they would be comfortable enough and less intimidating, and a lot sexier.

I demand her to undress. She was wearing a dress and with the simple pull of a string it fell off in one clump around her ankles. She had long gorgeous legs and great tits – perfect C cup. All she was wearing at this point was some black stockings.  This is the kind of girl that likes to be told what to do. So, I push her onto the bed and force her hands down as I kiss her neck and suck on her tits. That’s when I take the Sports Cuffs and cuff her to bedpost.

She was writhing in pleasure, waiting for me to do something to her. I take one of my ties and wrap it around her eyes so she couldn’t see anything. I could hear the Sports Cuff rattling against the bed post as she was try to free herself, but, holding her restrained wrists, I whispered into her ear: “Don’t move.” She calmed down after this and was really starting to pant with pleasure. I could tell she wanted me. So with her hands restrained, I kissed her whole body, all the way down to her pussy – where I started to lick her clit. She was really moaning at this point.

Then I unhooked the Sports Cuffs from the bedpost and then re-cuffed her hands behind her back. Then I held on to her stomach and waist and put my cock in her from behind. I was going at it from behind her and she was dripping wet with pleasure. I was holding on to the Sports Cuffs at this point, to hole her up, and banging harder and harder. Finally, she comes and her orgasm echoes through my whole house. Then I let go of the Sports Cuffs, and just like her dress crumpled on the floor, she crumples on the unmade bed, completely ravished and rosy cheeked. Much of the pleasure was all mine, but I couldn’t do it without the Sports Cuffs.

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