Friday 22nd March 2019,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: AeroShot

A little known Jack Gary secret: AeroShot. One of my closest allies in the war against fatigue when I’m out all night trying to pick up women is AeroShot. This thing delivers an air shot of 100 milligrams of caffeine and B vitamins to give you a big energy boost. [...]

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Jack Gary’s Guide To Going Down On A Girl Like A Pro

Once, I was going down on this chick – really getting into it – using my tongue like a champion and my fingers like a pro. She was moaning and moaning and about to climax, but just before she does she queefs right into my mouth. I’ve been in this same [...]


Jack Gary Review: Wet Rabbit Vibrator

The Wet Rabbit Vibrator is one the most versatile and powerful vibes out there. Everything about this vibrator was built for pleasure. From the little bunny ears to stimulate the clitoris, to the massaging beads, to the g-spot massaging head. It also has multiple different speeds to start slow and [...]

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The Playing Field: Why I’m Better Than You In Fucking and You Can Be Too

I want to start off this introduction by leveling the proverbial playing field; but first I want to tell you a little bit about who I am or rather who I am not. Like many people in this universe of about seven billion, I have lived a unique life, and [...]


Jack Gary Review: Hax Best Sex Pheromones For Men

Everyone knows that humans have subtle sex pheromones that attract us to each other. However, we have pretty much lost most of these pheromones or we have lost the ability to pick up on them. Perhaps that is why guys have such a terrible time picking up women. Now, a [...]

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Jack Gary Guide to Oral Sex: On Giving The Best Blowjob

What can I say – I love pussy, eating it, fucking it, loving it. If every year I were given pussy instead of cake, my birthday wish would be for more pussy. And likewise, if I were to get a blow job instead of a cake I’d be fine with [...]

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Jack Gary Review: Super Head Honcho Masturbator

I personally like the Super Head Honcho Masturbator, because it feels exactly like the real thing. I have never felt a male masturbator that feels so much like the real thing. The Head Honcho Sex Toy is probably one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. This realistic is great for couples [...]

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Jack Gary Review: Sportsheets Sex Sling

One of my favorite apparatuses to keep in my luggage when I go out of town is the Sex Sling. The sex sling is incredible, because it you can give your partner an even deeper g-spot orgasm. By holding up the feet, with support from the neck, it makes it [...]

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Jack Gary Review: Couple’s Royal Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy Kit

If you want to build a ready made arsenal of sex toys – at literally half the price – I would sincerely recommend the Royal Rabbit Vibrating Kit. This couple’s sex toy kit has everything: a multi-speed silver vibrator, a rabbit vibrator sleeve for some extra clitoral fun, the studded [...]

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Jack Gary Review: Doc Johnson Red Hearts Glass Dildo

One of the best sex toys for the bedroom, for any couple that wants to have a little extra companionship, is the Red Hearts Glass Dildo. I use this one regularly and what I like about it, is that it’s the perfect glass dildo for anyone just getting used to [...]

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