Thursday 21st February 2019,
Jack Gary

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The Perfect Erotic Toys To Get Your Girlfriend

I think one of my first articles on this site was about why I’m not in a committed relationship and never will be. However, I know a lot of guys with girlfriends and they are always asking what they should [...]


Jack Gary Review: Crystal Kegel Glass Dildo

Ladies, there is nothing like making love to a woman who has an incredibly tight vagina. Most of the time this is genetic – the vagina just stays tight for the long haul – no matter how many 10 inch [...]


Top 5 Travel Destinations to Meet the Hottest Girls

Now that summer is inching closer and closer, it is almost that time: to get on a jet plane and take a much needed vacation. I know I’ve been working hard this year and deserve to take a break – [...]


The Art of Tossing Salad

Tossing salad is just one of those things. You either love it or you hate it. Most people swear to themselves that they would never go near a butthole. They convince themselves of all sorts of untruths, like the butthole [...]


The Magic Of Penis Sleeves

Don’t you wish your dick were bigger or wider? I hate this question for a number of reasons and I don’t when guys will stop wishing that they had bigger dicks. Let’s just clear the air for a quick moment: [...]


Jack Gary’s Female Rating System

Just a warning: this article might offend all of your sensibilities. If you are a chick, it might make you hate men forever. However, this article is mainly for the guys, but I don’t see why chicks should ignore it. [...]


Jack Gary Review: Wireless Venus Butterfly

When I think of sex I think of adventure. I think of fun. I think of getting into trouble. Not like getting arrested getting into trouble, but erotic trouble – being slightly bad. That is why I love erotic toys [...]


That Time I Got Banned From Comic Con

Every June in sunny San Diego, California, there is a convention that celebrates nerdom in all its glory. Every year, thousands of nerds emerge from their parent’s basements to celebrate what is known as Comic Con International. You’ve got your [...]


That Time I Met A Goth on the Internet

Meeting girls online can be a strange adventure. Meeting girls on social networks can be even stranger. I guess that’s why I now have a date application on my website – to see what kind of pussy I can ensnarl [...]


Jack Gary In Tools That Make Guys Rock in the Bedroom

Jack Gary again to talk about some cool toys that can make guys rock in bedroom. Any guy would want his dick grow bigger, harder, and last longer in bed. This somehow boosts a guy’s pride and manhood. There are [...]