Wednesday 17th January 2018,
Jack Gary

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Sex Sling

3 Things Women Need to Do More Of In Bed

There are a lot of things that women wish men would do more of in bed, but what about us guys – don’t we get a say in this whole thing? What about our needs? In this article I want [...]

How To Tell If She Is Faking Her Orgasms

How To Tell If She Is Faking Her Orgasms

In this article I want to talk about something that a lot of guys deal with: a woman pretending to have an orgasm. According to statistics, over 50% of women report that they have faked an orgasm at least once. [...]

Adam and Eve Massaging Vibrator

Jack Gary Review: Adam & Eve Massaging Vibrator

What looks and feels like a regular old back massager is actually one of the most heavy-duty clit massagers on the market. The Adam & Eve Massaging Vibrator is unique in many ways, besides just being one of the most [...]

Lelo Insignia Noa

Jack Gary Review: Lelo Insignia Noa

Last night I tried the Lelo Insignia Noa vibrator with a gorgeous woman I brought over to my place. I actually brought her over just to try out this toy. I can tell you that it was well worth the [...]

Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet.

Jack Gary Review: The Adam and Eve Vibrating Bullet

If you know anything about Jack Gary you should know that I love the classics. Classic books, music, movies and more, but I also love classic sex toys. The Adam and Eve Vibrating Bullet is one of those toys. The [...]

Wireless Venus Butterfly

Jack Gary Review: Wireless Venus Butterfly

When I think of sex I think of adventure. I think of fun. I think of getting into trouble. Not like getting arrested getting into trouble, but erotic trouble – being slightly bad. That is why I love erotic toys [...]

Adam and Eve Butterfly Kiss

Jack Gary Review: Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss

Very rarely does a sex toy come around that seems like an actual vagina built it. That is the case with the Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss. This is one of those classic, simple and refined sex toys that gets [...]

Lia Pleasue ΓÇ£OΓÇ¥ Vibrator

Jack Gary Review: Lia Pleasure “O” Vibrator

There are some vibrators that really take the cake. I mean, I have used some amazing tools before on the ladies, but nothing has compared to the Lia Pleasure “O” Vibrator. Essentially, this is the vibrator of the 21st century. [...]


Jack Gary Review: Adam and Eve Crystal Teaser Glass Dildo

Now, you might be thinking: glass dildo, why? Well, I love glass dildos because when I use them on a woman I’ve never had better feedback or moaning – whatever you want to call it. Glass is great, because it [...]