Saturday 20th January 2018,
Jack Gary

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3 Things Women Need to Do More Of In Bed

There are a lot of things that women wish men would do more of in bed, but what about us guys – don’t we get a say in this whole thing? What about our needs? In this article I want [...]

Jack Gary's Girl Reviewing Sportsheet Sex Sling From AdamAndEve

Jack Gary’s Girl Reviewing Sportsheet Sex Sling From

One of my best girl again reviews one of the most amazing sex tools at Sportsheet Sex Sling – favorite sex toy for couples, this awesome tool is used to support lovemaking positions in a much longer time. Experience [...]

Jack Gary Review: Sex Sling

Jack Gary Review: Sportsheets Sex Sling

One of my favorite apparatuses to keep in my luggage when I go out of town is the Sex Sling. The sex sling is incredible, because it you can give your partner an even deeper g-spot orgasm. By holding up [...]