Friday 24th May 2019,
Jack Gary

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How To Talk A Girl Into Some Backdoor Fun

How Couples Can Enjoy Sex Again

In this piece I want to give a little advice to all the couples out there. Firstly, though, it is important to remember that after 5 or more years of being together – whether you are married or not – [...]

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Must Have Glass Sex Toys At

In this week’s Jack Has Your Back, allow me to share to you some of the most awesome glass sex toys in the market. Glass is an amazing material for erotic toys as they are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and [...]


Awesome Sex Toys Made Affordable By Adam And Eve Coupon Code JACK

Want to have the best sex toys at the most affordable price? Remember that you can have all the finest and affordable sex toys if you get to buy them through me. Simply enter my name JACK at the checkout [...]


Jack Gary’s Favorite Sex Toys That Are Truly Special Treats

Here’s another awesome episode from Jack Has Your Back. I want to share with you some sex toys that have changed my sex life. These toys are amazing as aside from the pleasure they provides, they are designed to be [...]


All Men Must Own a Screaming O

Everyone knows – at least the girls I bang know – that I love using cock rings when I make love. I learned very early on a few basic things about how the male reproductive organ works: no matter how [...]


The Best Sex Toys on Sale

If you know anything about me I love good bargain. I love being able to pick up a few sex toys and know that I’m not only getting an amazing deal, but also that I am saving a lot of [...]


The Perfect Erotic Toys To Get Your Girlfriend

I think one of my first articles on this site was about why I’m not in a committed relationship and never will be. However, I know a lot of guys with girlfriends and they are always asking what they should [...]


The Magic of Ben Wa Balls

Nobody really knows who Ben Wa was, but we do know for certain he loved tight vaginas. I mean, who doesn’t? For centuries, as part of ancient Chinese traditions, two small metallic balls have been used to strengthen the pelvic [...]


The Perfect Sex Toys To Take With You On Vacation

Have you ever seen the expression on a customs agent’s face when he or she pulls a giant sex toy out of your luggage? Oh yeah, the TSA loves sex toys – not really. However, that is why you need [...]


The Art of Tossing Salad

Tossing salad is just one of those things. You either love it or you hate it. Most people swear to themselves that they would never go near a butthole. They convince themselves of all sorts of untruths, like the butthole [...]