Thursday 21st February 2019,
Jack Gary

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Jack’s Ultimate List Of Beginner’s Sex Toys and Vibrators

When most people think of sex toys they usually think of one or two things: vibrators or dildos. These people are, of course, erotic toy novices, which totally okay. They might be intimidated perhaps by the cost of sex toys [...]


Jack Gary Review: Lelo Insignia Noa

Last night I tried the Lelo Insignia Noa vibrator with a gorgeous woman I brought over to my place. I actually brought her over just to try out this toy. I can tell you that it was well worth the [...]


Jack Gary Review: The Adam and Eve Vibrating Bullet

If you know anything about Jack Gary you should know that I love the classics. Classic books, music, movies and more, but I also love classic sex toys. The Adam and Eve Vibrating Bullet is one of those toys. The [...]


That Time I Went To A Charity Auction and Almost Went Into A Sex Coma

Is it possible to have too much sex? I want to tell everyone this sex story, because I think it is entirely possible. I mean, it’s one of those questions, like “is it possible to have too much money?” After [...]


Jack Gary Review: Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss

Very rarely does a sex toy come around that seems like an actual vagina built it. That is the case with the Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss. This is one of those classic, simple and refined sex toys that gets [...]


Jack Gary Review: Intimates Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator

If you know anything about me, you should know that I like to use sex toys on the ladies. There is just some extra magic you can add to the bedroom with dildos, vibrators and more. I like to think [...]


Jack Gary Review: The Original Venus Butterfly

The Original Venus Butterfly is one of the most unique vibrators and sex toys, because it is completely hands free. You might be asking how that’s possible, but it’s as simple as strapping it on and finding out for yourself. [...]


Jack Gary Review: Sky WIFI Smart Pen

I got to say that I love the Sky WIFI Smart Pen, because as a writer and chronicler of a crazy life, it is crucial for me to have some sort of versatile tool, besides a sex toy, to write [...]