Friday 22nd March 2019,
Jack Gary

That Time I Met A Goth on the Internet

Meeting girls online can be a strange adventure. Meeting girls on social networks can be even stranger. I guess that’s why I now have a date application on my website – to see what kind of pussy I can ensnarl in my web. And another thing – I don’t like free online dating because the women seem slightly desperate. Anyways, this is a story about a girl I met on MySpace, when that was still a popular website a million years ago – the days before Facebook and Twitter. But that’s not the point – the point is that you can find girls on Facebook or any other obscure social network you are on; or maybe even if you still have a Myspace account.

The women you’ll meet, however, might sort of be like the woman I met a few years ago when I was browsing the Internet. I stumbled across her page and thought she was hot. Her name was Steph or something very plain like that. It could have been a million trashy suburban white girl names, but I can’t remember now. Her profile showed that she was single and lived about 5 miles from where I was living at the time. After a few days of considering actually contacting her and to see if she wanted to go out, she serendipitously messaged me first.  Apparently, she had the same idea.

Let’s get a few things straight here, before I go on. I stumbled upon her page by accident. I was actually looking for an ex-girlfriend or fuck buddy, but that is whole other story. In her photo, Steph looked like your typical girl next-door type. In her description it said that she was going to law school, but was working for her family’s business while she looked for legal jobs. So I thought: great, this girl will be a perfect quick fuck. So I messaged her back and asked if she liked Cuban food.

Cut to a Cuban restaurant a few days later. It was one of those spots that you wouldn’t be able to find on Yelp. This place was a word of mouth hole-in-the-wall joint that had the best Cuban food in town. One bite and you’d want to join Fidel’s revolution. I got to the restaurant first, because I wanted to get a good table. And when Steph finally walked through the swinging doors my mouth almost dropped. She was full on Siouxsie and the Banshees – and she was the banshee. She was wearing all black – black pants, black hair, black lips. Her face was painted a ghostly, pale white. Steph was a goth.

My first thought when I first laid eyes on her was: how does she expect to get a law firm job looking like that? My second thought: Am I going to hook-up with that? After about 20 minutes of talking, order and waiting for our food to arrive (ever tried boliche? It’s delicious), I started to notice that Steph was actually really beautiful behind her ridiculous mask. Was I a little embarrassed to be seen with her in public? Yes. Was I afraid that my friends might catch us together? Yes – how would I explain this one?

Out of all my sex stories this one definitely takes the cake. I decided to roll with it, because Steph’s face was actually gorgeous, I could tell it was. Her body was also smoking hot too. I could tell that this whole goth thing was just a passing phase – thank god or whatever Wiccan witch she was worshipping then. I really only had two options: take the girl back home to bang her or stream girls online and masturbate, go to bed, and feel pity for myself. Me, being Jack Gary and all, go with the former. So I paid the bill, grabbed Steph’s pasty hand and asked for the directions back to her place.

When we got back to Steph’s place, which was actually quite normal compared to her general visage, and we started doing that whole talking before sex thing that I hate doing, but women tend to love. After about 5 minutes of some boring conversation she asked me if I wanted to hop in the bath with her. Now she had my attention. She drew a steaming hot bath in an old vintage, claw-foot tub.   When it was nearly full we both stripped down. Her body was really amazing: tiny little landing strip, a great ass, and absolutely perfect little, perky tits with just the right size and color areolas.

It was a nice bath and for once in my life I felt a true sense of mature, sexual normalcy. While this didn’t last (just read on after this paragraph), I certainly enjoyed it in the mean time. At first we started going down on each other. There was real passion in what she was doing. She also had great dick sucking lips. And after the water washed away all her make-up she was actually really sexy. Then I started going down on her, starting by licking from the top to the bottom of her little landing strip like I was a pilot coming in for a crash landing. After some good oral sex sessions, touching and making out, we moved to the bedroom where the true freak of nature came out like I’ve never seen before. Sexual normalcy was over.

Steph strapped on a leather bustier with spikes, fishnet stockings, and high heels. She demanded that I get on the floor and crawl. She started pulling my hair and slamming it in to her spiky bustier and I could feel my flesh breaking a little. I was totally into it. Yes, my readers, these are the real stories of my strange life. Then she demanded that I fuck her as hard as I could. I tried to do my best and she was getting off on it. I was getting off on it too. I felt a little uncomfortable, but I knew that in order to enjoy myself I had to obey this chick.

Finally, she started to ride me, reverse cowgirl style, her busier was off at this point, but her high heels were still digging into my arms. She was just to about to climax and I held on to her tips, both to help her along, but also because her tits and nipples felt great in my hands. When she came it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. She started squirting all over the place. One stream shot half across the room. Another shot backwards somehow and ricocheted off the chandelier and hit my eye. It was ridiculous and afterwards she fell limp into my arms in sexual ecstasy. She had had enough and so had I. After that night I never heard from Steph again and MySpace ceased to be and I had no real chance of ever contacting her again for another night of freaky sex.

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