Friday 22nd March 2019,
Jack Gary

That Time I Went To A Charity Auction and Almost Went Into A Sex Coma

Is it possible to have too much sex? I want to tell everyone this sex story, because I think it is entirely possible. I mean, it’s one of those questions, like “is it possible to have too much money?” After reading about these sexcapades I’ll let everyone decide for themselves. Anyways, this story takes place at a seminar and charity auction event I went to a few years ago. I was there trying to find investors and venture capitalists for a high end line of sex toys I was developing. However, instead of getting money, over the course of two days I ended up having more sex than I ever thought was possible.

Please allow me to describe the scene at some of these charity auctions. It was in Napa, which is wine country, at a place called Silverado Ranch. If you don’t know about this place, it’s where a lot of Silicon Valley law firms and tech companies come to have events and launch parties. I’ve never been to law school and I’ve only spent a little bit of time in law firms, but if you have seen a lawyer let lose on the weekend it is horrifying. Basically, they get stumbling drunk and piss vomit wasted and try to hook up with chicks. It is not a pretty site. Also, the ratio of women to men is pretty lame, but with the amount of guys down for the count, because they are so inebriated, it levels the playing field. And even though I had completely snuck into this shindig, blending in was like cheating at poker.

Within the first 5 minutes of the first hour on the first day that I was there I met a young, cute professional girl. She worked for one of the best law firms in Silicone Valley. She was eating calamari and she looked really hot in a sundress. I could tell she worked out, because her legs were stunning. She was one of the rare ones at the event who didn’t drink to get drunk and had not got drunk already on the limo or helicopter ride to the resort. After another 5 minutes of talking we were practically making out. I couldn’t really tell what was going on. Was it my cologne? My pheromones? Not less than 5 minutes after that and we were in my room and I was bending her over the table with her sundress still on giving it to her from behind. We fucked for at least and hour and then took a nap in the fading sunshine.

That night was the much anticipated charity event gala and cocktail party. It was one of those things where guys from the firms were auctioned off to people in the audience. It was all to raise money for some incurable form of cancer. At this point of the night I felt like I had an incurable form of boredom. I decided to jump on stage. The room was already full of piss drunk venture capitalists and lawyers. If you have never been to one of these charity auctions, it’s one of the weirdest things in the world. As the ladies started to bid on me, things got a little heated, but after some good shouting and battling between a few different ladies, I was auctioned off for $800 by two really cute girls. I was indeed surprised. So, later that night we go to dinner and after they ask if I want to go their room.

One of the girls was from Oakland College and was studying to be a lawyer and the other girl was an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. They both looked a little similar and I didn’t want to ask if they were sisters, because that would have weirded me out a little. These girls rode me like a horse and I loved every second of it. One girl tied me up, while the other one sucked me off and got my dick nice and wet, and then started to ride me reverse cowgirl style. I was putting objects in them and they were ramming all sorts of things in my butt. This little sexcapade lasted for a whopping 3 hours. At the end of it, between my little romp earlier in the afternoon, I was done for the day.

The next day I woke up in their hotel room and they were gone. Apparently, they had some sort of morning seminar that I had slept through. At this point I was sore and there was a whole other day left. I had, at that point, a sex hangover. So I decided to go downstairs to a little brunch event that was starting. I thought that maybe some croissants would get me back in order. I ended up sitting at a table with a pretty, petite blonde chick with little tits. She was cute, but was a little rough around the edges. Perhaps that’s why she was only a receptionist for some shitty technology company. She was a little boring, but I could tell that she wanted me. Just the thought of having sex again was making me ill, but I want to see how far I could push it. So I ended bringing the blonde back to my room.

We started fucking in the shower. It was really hot to see her little body under the water getting rocked by my cock and the shower felt amazing. We started to get into all sorts of positions. She was incredibly flexible. Then we moved out of the bathroom and start fucking in the bed. There is nothing like that feeling of fucking on the bed right after a shower. I was rocking her from behind while she went at it on her clit with a little finger vibrator I like to take with me. I know: I’m weird and awesome that way. I finally blew my load all over her back and she left, satisfied of course. At that point I’d completely had enough. Jack Gary couldn’t take it any more. But just as I was about to fall into a post coital coma I got a knock on the door. It was the first chick I banged, the one in the sundress. So I let her in.

She immediately took off her dress and asked if she can hop in the shower. I felt a little gross and sweaty from the last chick, so I jump in the shower with her. Of course, after about 5 minutes, I started fucking this girl, again. It got really hot, but she was having trouble standing, so we put some towels down on the floor and started going at it. We fucked for what seemed like an hour and I started to feel legitimately queasy. There was 4 girls, one I fucked twice, in less than a 48-hour period. After the last girl left I really couldn’t take it anymore. I must have puked 10 times from exhaustion. If you’ve never puked after sex, you’ve probably never banged this much in such a short amount of time. In the end, I didn’t get any money for my sex toy line, but I sure have a story to tell.

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