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Jack Gary

Top 5 Travel Destinations to Meet the Hottest Girls

Now that summer is inching closer and closer, it is almost that time: to get on a jet plane and take a much needed vacation. I know I’ve been working hard this year and deserve to take a break – perhaps eat some croissants and eggs by a pool or sip champagne in a robe in a hot tub somewhere. However, when you are thinking about travel destinations this summer, you have to not only be smart about getting the best deals on travel and hotels, but also you have to choose the destinations with the hottest women. On all my sexcapades in multiple different countries I have met women ranging from downright ugly to top ten gorgeous. Some countries are definitely better than others. Here are the top 5 travel destinations to meet the hottest girls.

  • Brazil. One of the best times to go to Brazil is between the months of March and June – after that it gets a little wet and crime ridden. The reason why Brazil is so amazing is because it’s one of the most sexually open and active countries in the world. In fact, people get sex changes like they are going to the dentist in Brazil. Yes, there are a lot of post-op transsexuals, but there are also a bevvy of gorgeous women too – around 3 to every guy. Also, if you’ve ever watched Brazilian television you know that almost every program involves a beautiful woman dancing in next to nothing. Literally every TV show – even the news has a woman shaking her ass. And speaking of asses, Brazilian women have the most gorgeous asses in in the entire world. This South American country also has some of the most amazing beaches – all lined with gorgeous brown women in tiny bikinis. Go to Brazil for the dancing or go to Brazil to get laid – this place is amazing. 
  • Sweden is a far stretch from Brazil, but the women there are insanely gorgeous. Just think about it: almost 92% of the women are all blonde and don’t have anything below C-cup sized bosoms. These women are also wholesome and have gorgeous skin. In fact, a recent study shows that Swedish women have the highest concentration of perfect 10s. Sweden is located in Northern Europe in what is considered one of the finger countries – next to Norway and Finland. If you want to have the time of your life, book your stay in Stockholm – the capital – which has some of the greatest nightlife spots and then from there explore the rest of the country. A big bonus to American guys: Swedish chicks go bonkers over you. 
  • If you want to swing it back to an entirely different part of the country I recommend visiting Japan. There are many Japanese fetishes. In addition, there are also lots of strange myths about Japanese people being sexual deviants. However, what seems deviant to us is actually quite normal over there. For instance, vending machines full of used women’s underwear that men can buy and then sniff. Totally weird to us, but totally normal to them. Yet, the women of Japan are the most special. They are smart, sweet and have the hottest bodies. I don’t think I ever saw an imperfect pair of tits on any of my sexcapades when I was over there. Also, their orgasms sound totally than other girls, which in the beginning is slightly alarming, but you get used to it. Oh yes, and the sushi – how I love the sushi in Japan. 
  • If you are looking for some hot women in the Middle East, I recommend the women of Lebanon. Lebanese women are ridiculously gorgeous – perhaps the most gorgeous in the Middle East. Lebanon – a hot bed of political action – is located between Syria and Israel in the Mediterranean Basin. The best part of Lebanon is definitely its capital city of Beirut. This is where all the action happens. There are a lot of great nightlife spots you can visit where you can meet and hook up with women. Some of them are a little religiously conservative, but they are by far the most liberal when it comes to other women in the Middle East who are forced to wear burkas to cover their faces and skin. However, in Beirut they are a little more cosmopolitan and ready to experiment with hot Westerners. 
  • Lastly, you’ve got South African women. South Africa has such a unique mixture of white Western culture and the whole African tribal vibe thing going on. Combine the two and you have some of the hottest women on the African continent and the most gorgeous women on the planet. South Africa is located at the very bottom of Africa and contrary to popular belief is not covered in wild life. The only wild life that exists in South Africa is in Johannesburg and that is because of the night life, and, yes, the amazing bounty of gorgeous South African women. 

A few of these places are strewn around the globe, quite literally, and it might cost a pretty penny to visit them. However, I highly recommend visiting at least one of these amazing spots at least once in your life – if only to experience the city itself. I also sincerely hope that you can visit these places while you still have your hair and teeth, because these destinations also make a great gentleman’s escape – one that you will remember for a lifetime. Guys if you want to take it from Jack Gary, do your lady a favor and give her some extra pleasure – they deserve it.

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