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3 Things You Need To Know About A Man’s Orgasm

3 Things You Need To Know About A Mans Orgasm

A man’s orgasm is more mysterious than meets the eye. For women, this is important to know, because how can you stimulate a man successfully without knowing how all the piping is laid, if you know what I mean. For one, men have a g-spot too – did you know that? In this article I am going to talk a little bit about a man’s orgasm and in the last paragraph I am going to recommend a great product that I think can make your orgasm even more intense, but more on that later. In the meantime, here are three things you need to know about a man’s orgasm.

Men have g-spots. It is true, but they don’t only have one – men have a whopping three areas that produce erogenous pleasure when stimulated. The first g-spot is located on the head of the penis – specifically called the frenulum – and when a woman uses her tongue or back of her fingernails to stimulate it, it can feel incredible. Also, there is an erogenous spot on the perineum – that area between the testicles and the anus. And the last g-spot is located in the prostate – with one push you could make a man explode.

Next, women should know it takes a man seven minutes to come. However, if you want us to have a mind-blowing blowing orgasm, you should always take your time. Those seven minutes usually includes continuous stoking or pleasure, but it could be more like 2 minutes if he is especially ready to go and if you go too fast. So, don’t blame him for coming too soon – you should be proud. Yet, if you want to make it last, go slow, be sensual and when he does finally come he’ll wonder where you got your magic powers from.

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Also, men will always come. There is no such thing as not coming for men. So, with continuous stimulation you can be sure that we’ll blow our load. In fact, researchers call this phenomenon “ejaculatory inevitability.” While a woman might not come during sex – even with regular stimulation – a man will definitely come. This can be a big source of contention with couples, because a lot of women have a hard time reaching climax when it seems like no big deal for the man. However, you shouldn’t hate your boyfriend, husband or lover, you should be mad at biology for making the male orgasm the easiest thing in the world to achieve.

Lastly, when I want to have a mind blowing orgasm, I use the Magnum Support Plus Double Ring. Made with stainless steel – don’t worry it is really comfortable – and a body safe silicone, this cock ring is great because it is adjustable and perfect for a mind blowing orgasm. Cock rings, if you don’t know about them, can restrict blood flow to the penis, which can make a man withhold an orgasm, which can make him last much longer. What I like to do, is wear this cock ring for about ten minutes and then when I am ready to explode, I just unleash it. Nothing feels more amazing than that release.

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