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Jack Gary

All Men Must Own a Screaming O

Everyone knows – at least the girls I bang know – that I love using cock rings when I make love. I learned very early on a few basic things about how the male reproductive organ works: no matter how hard we try, we really have no control when it comes to busting a nut. I don’t really care what any guy says, at about the 3 minute mark it can feel a little like we’re trying to keep a river from breaking through a beaver dam. In my experience I have tried supplements and I even went to a Chinese doctor once to learn the ancient ways of fucking all night long, but no dice. That is when I found the magic that is a cock ring. One of my favorites is definitely the Screaming O Vibrating Ring. Here are some reasons why I believe this is the best vibrating cock ring you can buy.

  1. It is affordable. Not only is this vibrating cock ring affordable, it is basically a steal. At only around 7 bucks, you get almost everything you get with any other cock ring, but you have the unique benefit of being able to toss it out right afterwards. That means you can get 10 of these things for ten different sexual exploits and have a fresh new cock ring for each one. When it comes to sex toys, it can be a huge benefit to just be able to throw it out afterwards. Like art supplies, cleaning sex toys can be a burden. With how inexpensive this cock ring is – you won’t even have to worry about it or feel bad.
  2. You last longer in bed and will give her more pleasure. What can be better than that? The cock ring works in a unique way. It restricts blood flow to the cock, which effectively tells your brain not to cum so soon. However, it doesn’t hurt – at all. In fact, you won’t even be able to feel it when it’s on, which is why it’s such a magic tool to use in the bedroom. On top of the Screaming O being able to help you withhold orgasm, the little single speed vibrator will give the special lady you have in bed with you an incredible orgasm. Basically, each time you thrust you give her deep penetrative pleasure on top of that vibrating orgasmic ecstasy.
  3. Perfect for travelling. When it comes to bringing sex toys with you on vacation, you have to find something that won’t take up too much space in your luggage. I know that when I go away for the weekend, I like to pack light, and I need to maximize the space I have for my nice shirts – the Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring only takes up a fraction of my weekend luggage bag space. It also fits perfectly in my brief case in the event that I’ve got a babe who doesn’t want to be kept waiting after a business meeting.Screaming O Vibrating Ring
  4. Perfect for first-time lovers. One of the greatest things about this sex toy is that it is unintimidating, which makes it a perfect tool to whip out when you first bring a girl over. Sometimes when you bring a one-night stand home and you whip out a big vibrator, it can look a little weird, but the Screaming O is small and won’t jump out as being to freaky. You might even be able to strap this vibrator on without her ever knowing – she’ll just be wondering how you got so amazing in bed. More than anything though, she will be more than happy you strapped the Screaming O on, because that is exactly what she will get, an incredibly loud, screaming orgasm. She’ll also be begging for more after you’ve finished with her.
  5. The Screaming O is also perfect for lovers who are looking for a way to spice up their sex lives. Sometimes when you are thinking of bringing an extra element into the bedroom, you should think about incorporating a sex toy. Sometimes all your marriage or long term relationship needs is just more pleasure in the bedroom. The Screaming O is perfect for that reason and many other reasons. When you actually decide to go shopping for sex toys, it can be a little bit overwhelming with all the choices you have available. There are a hundred g-spot vibrators and anal tools, but what if you want to start small and build your way up. The Screaming O makes a perfect introductory sex toy. It is easy to use and will last up to 30 minutes – so if you are looking for a sex toy that will take the pressure off – this is definitely it.

Why must all men own a Screaming O? There are many reasons – some are more obvious than others, but mainly – if you want to be the international man of mystery you want to be and get girls off like you’ve never gotten them off before, this vibrating cock ring is absolutely perfect. Also, if makes the perfect introductory sex toy for that marriage or long-term relationship that’s feeling a bit stale. Look, if you want to take it from Jack Gary, do your lady a favor and give her some extra pleasure – she deserves it.

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