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Jack Gary

Basics of Ejaculation Manners

In this article I want to talk about ejaculation – not just the act of making it happen, but where to make it happen. Ejaculation etiquette is something that all men need to have in order to be champions in bed. Unlike women, men need a place to blow their load. Do you blow it on her face? Her tits? Her ass? These are all important questions and not something you should be asking seconds before you are ready to go. In this article I will also let you in on a little erotic tool I like to use, but more on that in the last paragraph. In the meantime, here are some of the basics of ejaculation manners.

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One of the most common places to blow your load is in a woman’s mouth. Usually this will be the case after oral sex, but it can also be done during sex as well. The thing to consider, though, before you bust a nut in her mouth is whether or not she is a swallower or a spitter. For ultimate cleanliness, it is much better if she is a swallower, but a spitter will do if there is a receptacle around. Also, make sure she wants you to blow your wad in your mouth and never hold her head so that she has no choice – that is by far the worst way to handle that situation.

Another common place to squeeze one out is on her tits. This can be one of the hottest places to squeeze one out, because there is nothing like seeing your jism shoot all over her breasts. Yet, the proper etiquette when it comes to squeezing one out on a chick’s tits is whether or not she wants it in the first place. You don’t want to follow that kind of pleasure with being slapped and yelled at. Also, don’t collapse on top of her afterward, because you will end up with a cold, sticky mess.

Next, one of the most fun places to ejaculate is on her face. It can be fun only if she consents to it. You don’t want to give her an 8-roper all over her face if she doesn’t want it. Yet, if she begs for it – some chicks get off on getting their faces sprayed with cum – just let ‘er rip. Yet, when you do come on a girl’s face – make sure not to get any in her eyes or hair. If you think you can’t control it, you better blow your load elsewhere. It can be hard to get cum stains off a wall too.

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