Saturday 16th January 2021,
Jack Gary

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Jack Gary Date Application

One of the biggest motivating factors in starting this site was simple: I wanted to get laid. So…. why not use one of the greatest inventions of mankind for getting some action?  While I’m not necessarily a pussy loyalist, and [...]


Two is Better Than One: Threesome’s Are Even Better

In life, as you get older and wiser, you will come to realize that some things are simply better than others. With this wisdom, you will likely also realize that certain things are best in bigger quantities. Everyone in America [...]


Jack Gary’s Guide To Going Down On A Girl Like A Pro

Once, I was going down on this chick – really getting into it – using my tongue like a champion and my fingers like a pro. She was moaning and moaning and about to climax, but just before she does she [...]


The Playing Field: Why I’m Better Than You In Fucking and You Can Be Too

I want to start off this introduction by leveling the proverbial playing field; but first I want to tell you a little bit about who I am or rather who I am not. Like many people in this universe of [...]


Jack Gary Guide to Oral Sex: On Giving The Best Blowjob

What can I say – I love pussy, eating it, fucking it, loving it. If every year I were given pussy instead of cake, my birthday wish would be for more pussy. And likewise, if I were to get a [...]