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How The Bachelorette Is Sort of Like Real Life

Desiree Hartsock

Desiree Hartsock

The Bachelorette is one of those shows that make you take a few steps back and look at your own life. Even though reality television is only a microscope of what really happens in real life and all the drama is purely for your entertainment – and not often real – we can still learn something from these shows. The last episode of The Bachelorette was exactly like that – it was so shocking that it’s worth examining a little further. And as we’re examining that episode, you can also think of a few things you might have done differently, or you might think of a way you could cope with such a romantic tragedy.

Scripted or not, the second half of the season finale – of the most exciting season of The Bachelorette ­– was by far the most, well, exciting – and a little depressing too. In the second to last episode of the most riveting season, bachelorette Desiree Hartsock took her last three choices to the beautiful island of Barbados – by helicopter mind you – for a nice relaxing weekend of love and heartbreak. Wait – heartbreak? Isn’t this a show about love and romance? Sort of – only if you get picked and definitely not if you decide to tell a guy you love him and he reveals that he doesn’t love you back. This is exactly what happened in this episode. Shocking, I know.

In typical Bachelorette fashion, Desiree takes the three guys to have a special weekend and perhaps a little time away from the cameras. However, when Desiree decided to tell Salt Lake City hotty Brooks that she was madly in love with him, she had another thing coming indeed. “Even though I’m falling in love with the other guys, I still have deeper feelings for Brooks,” she said. “I know that I am falling in love with him.” Yet, what happened next was perhaps one of the most shocking things to happen in Bachelorette history: he told her that he wasn’t that into her. It was an “I like you, but not that much” kind of thing. In fact, his exact words were, “I don’t feel like the moments apart are hard enough,” Ouch.

Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss

Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss

What would you do if you told a guy you love him, but he snubbed you? Chances are you would be heartbroken, but maybe it would teach you a few things about romance. If you weren’t on The Bachelorette and didn’t have two other hopefuls to choose from – which is much more realistic – you would be left on your own trying to figure out what to do next. Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board. You also have your wonderful self, which is important to keep in mind. Every woman needs some personal time to assess what she wants and who she wants to be after having her heart broken. You could also pick up the Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss vibrator, which is the perfect bathtub companion and is built for maximum g-spot stimulation. There’s nothing like a mind-blowing orgasm to get you over the breakup blues.

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