Sunday 31st May 2020,
Jack Gary

How To Take The Reins In The Bedroom

In this article I am going to talk about how to take the reins in the bedroom and have more confidence. I’ll also tell you about an amazing product I found that will definitely spice up the sexual experience and I’ll provide a link where you can get this amazing product for half off – pretty good, right? Anyways, taking the reins in the bedroom is important, because no girl likes to have sex with a wimp – it just isn’t sexy. You can ask any girl and she will tell you that she likes it when the guy takes the driver’s seat in bed. Here is how you can take the reins in the bedroom.

Sportsheets Sports Cuffs

Sportsheets Sports Cuffs

First, you need to be comfortable with a little manhandling. You don’t want to get aggressive or violent, but you do want to be able to pick her up and move her where you want. If you want to make love to her from behind you are going to need to pick her up and put her in that position. If you want her standing up, you are going to need to hold her there. So the first step is to be prepared for a little physical activity – it is sex after all.

Next, show her where you want her hands. You want her to touch your cock, take her hand and put it there. If you want her to blow you, put your cock in her mouth. When you are in bed and everything is consensual, this is all okay – it is just part of being assertive. A woman wants a man who can take control of the situation – a man who knows what feels good. This will also teach the woman what a particular man likes. The better it feels for him, the more he should reciprocate.

Also, it is important to tell her what you like. If you want her to jump on top of you and ride you until she comes, tell her that – in fact, steal those exact words. Combining physical and verbal responses is very hot in bed and it turns women on. Oftentimes, women like it when you talk dirty to them. They want you to say sweet filthy nothings in their ears. You see, women are auditory creatures – more so than visual. They like having a man’s voice tell them what to do in the bedroom. If she is okay with it, you can even get slightly forceful with your demands – but only if it is consensual.

Lastly, if you want to get a little more naughty in the bedroom I recommend the Sports Cuffs. Throw these on her and tie her to the bed and she will know that you mean business – and she’ll be incredibly turned on. These cuffs are soft and comfortable to wear, but also add a whole new level of spice to the bedroom to make sex so much better.

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