Friday 07th May 2021,
Jack Gary

How To Talk A Girl Into Some Backdoor Fun

In this article I am going to be talking about how you can convince a woman to have anal sex and I am going to recommend a great product I just found called the Bree Olson Finger Bangers and a place to get it at half off, but more on that in the last paragraph. Getting a woman to have anal sex is actually quite easy and doesn’t take that much effort – even if she has never tried a little backdoor fun. Here is how to persuade a woman into having anal sex.

Bree Olson Finger Banger

First, you have to start off small. Literally, you have to play “just the tip” for a couple of times before you actually have anal sex with her. It is important to remember that if a woman is not into anal sex or hasn’t tried it before, it is because she is slightly scared of it. Usually this fear comes from thinking that a penis couldn’t possibly fit in such a tight hole and it will most likely hurt. So, you have to convince her that it won’t hurt one bit – it will actually feel amazing.

Next, talk to her about it when you are already in bed. There is no way a woman is going to talk about having anal sex while you two are out to dinner, especially if you are only a few dates in. Also, she will be a lot more relaxed when you two are already in bed, naked and ready to get down – she’ll also be more horny too and open to trying new things. It is also important to really talk to her about it and to listen to her concerns. By listening to her concerns, she will be more interested in hearing what you have to say about the wonders of anal sex.

After you’ve got her warmed up it is time to make the move. It is important to note that you don’t want to just jam it in. You want to take it slow and use lots of lube. For the first few times you might only get your head inside, which is normal, but if you go too far it could put her off from anal sex forever. After a good few weeks you will eventually be able to get the whole thing inside. Once you get to that point, it’s all down hill from there – lucky you.

Lastly, what I have found – in my experience – is if you use some kind of anal vibrator you can make it a lot easier to talk a woman into having anal sex. A good vibrator can loosen things up and it can increase how pleasurable it is. That is why I recommend the Bree Olson Finger Bangers for all anal beginners. It’s affordable, small and disposable and you can use one on a guy too, because it feels great to jam this up his butt during oral sex. It might be wise to get a few of these anal vibrators just to practice with.

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