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Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss

Very rarely does a sex toy come around that seems like an actual vagina built it. That is the case with the Adam & Eve Butterfly Kiss. This is one of those classic, simple and refined sex toys that gets down to the basics when it comes to pleasuring a woman. Clit stimulation? Totally covered. G-spot stimulation? Totally absolutely covered. If you know anything about Jack Gary it is that I like to make sure I have all the basics covered and that is exactly what this vibrator does and more. It fits so perfectly, this vibrator will stimulate the g-spot and the clit at the same exact time so you can reach one of those crescendo orgasms that makes you fall onto the bed in orgasmic delight.

While you could use the Butterfly Kiss solo, this vibrator also makes a great foreplay tool as well. Basically, the magic of this vibrator is in the butterfly shape, which sits right against your clitoris. You can imagine the little vibrator with its little wings fitting perfectly against your labia. The butterfly antennae are the actual part of the vibrator that matches exactly with the clit. The Butterfly Kiss also has a great jelly like material.

The Butterfly Kiss also has three speeds you can play with and, of course, I recommend you start slow and then build your way up. If you want some incredible g-spot stimulation just put the base of this vibrator towards the mouth of your vagina and work the vibrations from low to high. The ladies have told me that the combination of the butterfly on the labia and clit, and the head of the vibrator on the g-spot create one of the most mind-blowing orgasms.

One of the best places to use this toy is in the bath, because it is totally waterproof. If you want to take Jack Gary’s recommendation for an incredible orgasm I’d follow along closely. Step one, light a lot of candles. Make sure to put them all around the bath to get some mood lighting and to set the vibes. Next, make sure to pour some sensual oil into the bath, just to get that feeling going. Now ladies, you can either use the toy solo or with a partner. While it can be an incredible amount of fun solo, I’d recommend calling me first and seeing what the combination of the two can do.

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