Thursday 02nd July 2020,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Beginner’s Power Pump

All right, here is my penis pump manifesto. I’m tired of people thinking that penis pumps are strictly novelties. They can be, but did you know they actually do something too? Penis pumps are great for two reasons: they can make you harder, if not longer too, and they can be a great masturbation tool as well. I mean, it has almost the same pressure as a real human female’s mouth. What’s not to get excited about? And if you are just getting into the whole penis pump thing I recommend trying the Beginner’s Penis Pump from Adam & Eve.

What’s so great about this penis pump is its simplicity. You’ve got the chamber, the quick release valve and the squeeze ball that you can squeeze to get all that suction around your cock when you put it inside. The original purpose of the penis pump was to make you longer and harder. Basically, when you put your cock inside, hard of course, you pump the squeeze ball until you can really feel the suction. I mean this thing really feels like a mouth that knows how to give a great blowjob. After about 5 minutes you can hit the quick release valve and wait to go soft again. Do this a few times a week and you will see a huge difference in not only length, but hardness as well.

The Beginner’s Penis Pump also makes a great masturbatory tool. What I like to do is get some lube and then insert my cock in the mouth. Apply a little pressure using the squeeze ball and then get to work. It is amazing how much this thing feels like a blowjob, but better because you don’t need to yell “timber” when you are ready to cum – you can just let it blast if you want. You could even mix it up and use a butt plug or some type cock ring to really give yourself an orgasm you’ve never felt before. Trust me, your old orgasms are getting boring – it is time to mix it up with a quality penis pump.

Lastly, this thing is really easy to clean up. If you don’t have roommates or if you don’t live with your parents, you can put this thing in the dish-washer and call it a day. Yet, it is important to remember when you are using the Beginner’s Penis Pump that you don’t go over 10 minutes, because you can risk bruising or hurting yourself. I’d say 5 minutes is the perfect length and you should see results in about 20 days. It really is a miracle.

If you want to have your own Beginner’s Penis Pump or any of the amazing toys at Adam & Eve at a very affordable price, make sure to use Offer Code JACK at the checkout at to get 50% OFF on almost ANY ITEM, plus 3 Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Shipping on ALL ORDERS.

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