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Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Bree Olson Finger Bangers

If you haven’t watched Bree Olson’s movies then you probably don’t know what kind of blonde sex goddess she is. You also won’t be able to imagine her gorgeous face and beautiful, perfect dick sucking lips when you stimulate your prostate with one of her vibrating anal plugs. The Bree Olson Finger Bangers are great for a number of reasons. For one, I love using them when I jerk one out before I go on a date or just to clear the pipes. Also, they make a great erotic foreplay tool. And, best of all, they make a great beginners anal toy.

First, I’ve got to tell you how great one of these things feels in your ass when you are having some solo guy time. You know what I mean. We all need it – whether to clear the pipes or to kick one out before you go on date so don’t have anything building up in there, which can be incredibly important if the chick is a giant cock tease. Anyways, the Bree Olson Finger Banger is really easy to use. It is small, lightweight, compact and incredibly affordable. I recommend getting one of Bree’s movies and getting yourself in bed. Once you get your self off with a prostate orgasm using one of these things you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Next, the Bree Olson Finger Banger also makes a great foreplay too. For one, they are really inexpensive so you can buy 40 of these things, which make them perfect for the guy who takes a different lady home each night. If you have lots of sexcapades like me this is incredibly important. Next, each one comes with a different style and color – each one feels incredible too. All you have to do is turn it on and insert, which is really easy to do. There is also a little ring, which makes holding it really easy. And because they are disposable you don’t have to do any cleaning or disinfecting.

Lastly, the Bree Olson Finger Banger is great, because if you are a newbie to anal fun and are looking for a vibrating anal plug that isn’t too intimidating this is it. If you are like most people who are shy about using anal toys, I can guarantee you this is not like the others. It’s small, fits in perfectly and you can decide how far or long you want to go. For couples it can do an amazing job spicing up your marriage or relationship. Personally, I like to use the Bree Olson Finger Banger right in the middle of sex. I just turn it on – it lasts for 20 minutes – insert it using a little lube and let the magic happen.

In the end, the Bree Olson Finger Banger is the ultimate erotic toy: lasts for a long time, you don’t need to wash it, because you can throw it away, and it makes a perfect beginner’s anal toy. Introduce this anal plug into your life and you won’t be sorry.

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