Tuesday 07th December 2021,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Couple’s Enhancer Ring

When you are looking to purchase a cock ring, you have to think about how much bang you are getting for your buck – sometimes literally. I use cock rings, because there is no better way to withhold an orgasm. Sometimes when I am fucking a chick that is hot beyond words I can’t control myself from spewing my load. I try to be a man about it and hold off, but at a certain point it becomes impossible – it’s just biology. Plus, I don’t really care about anything in that exact moment when I am blowing my load. That is why I use the Adam & Eve Couple’s Enhancer Ring.

This cock ring does give you your bang for your buck and way more. Not only will this thing offer an incredibly life changing way to hold off your orgasm, but it will also offer a whole new kind of pleasure to your love making abilities. First off, the reason why cock rings hold off orgasms is pretty simple, because when you slip it on and push it down to the base of your hard cock, it will slightly restrict blood flow, which essentially stops your brain from telling your balls to blow your load. It’s amazing and it works.

Not only doesn’t this cock ring help you hold off from cumming, but it can also make you harder. You’ll be harder and last longer – sounds pretty good to me. It will also sound good to her, because you’ll be able to give her a good dicking like she has never had before. Ladies, am I right when I say that all you want is a good fuck once and a while? Well, the cock ring will do the trick and not just because there is a powerful push button vibrating bullet in this cock ring.

This waterproof vibrator has all sorts of pleasure nubs as well that offer a whole other sensation to your erogenous zones: clit, lips, labia, etc. For him, the cock ring is totally unique, because it is the only one that has duel rings. One ring will very easily fit around the base of your cock and the other will very easily fit around the base of your balls. I like the one for the balls, because I never really know what to do with them when they are flopping around down there when I’m banging a chick. This cock ring not only keeps my balls safe, but it adds a whole new pleasure sensation. At the end of the day, this is the ultimate cock ring for your money and your pleasure.

To get that awesome sex experience with Adam & Eve Couple’s Enhancer Ring, buy the amazing toy at AdamAndEve.com using Offer Code JACK to get it at HALF OFF plus 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Shipping on your order.

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