Tuesday 09th March 2021,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Lelo Insignia Noa

Last night I tried the Lelo Insignia Noa vibrator with a gorgeous woman I brought over to my place. I actually brought her over just to try out this toy. I can tell you that it was well worth the investment, because the Lelo Insignia is like the Maserati of sex toys. I have never had a sexual experience quite like the one I had last night with this vibrator. This vibrator was designed for not only clitoral and g-spot stimulation, but it was created especially for sex with another partner.

The shape of the Lelo Insignia is interesting, because if you think about it, it is perfectly built for the female anatomy. You have the skinny part that goes inside the vagina, and if you slide it all the way in the large part fits snugly against the clitoris. So you’ve got a situation for maximum pleasure. It also has a really unique texture that I have never felt before on a sex toy. It is really soft and almost feels like real skin. It will also fit anyone’s body type so you don’t have to worry for a second about not getting the orgasm power that this vibrator has to offer.

Also, the vibrator is as silent has a hybrid car at a traffic light. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more silent vibrator, ever. There is a little hidden button that you press and each time you do you get a new vibration and pulsation – sometimes both. There are six different vibration modes to choose from and what I recommend is to build it up. Start with the lowest mode and then go full vibration mode when you are really getting into it.

The best part about this toy is that it was built for sex between two partners. When the small part of the vibrator is inside and the large part is resting against the clit, it creates a wild vibrating vagina of sorts. So all you have to do is slip your cock inside with the vibrator, which will give you the totally unique opportunity to feel everything she is feeling. You can either keep it going like this for a while, but what I did is I mixed it up and put the larger part of the vibrator inside her vagina. I started switching off between my cock and the Lelo Insignia and she had one of the wildest orgasms I’ve ever heard – and so did I.

At the end of the day, this luxury vibrator is a must try experience for any couple. What a way to wind down the week or a busy day at work. You can also use the toy in the bath or shower, because it is totally waterproof. Best of all, you never have to purchase batteries, because this toy has a totally rechargeable battery. Just unscrew and plug in to the wall. Voila!

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