Thursday 02nd July 2020,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Super-Stretch Tickler Sleeves

Everyone who knows me – that’s right, the ladies – knows that I love penis enhancers. A penis enhancer is essentially something that you put over your cock with different materials that makes your penis more of a pleasure machine. These materials can be little nibs and nubs or anything that attaches to your cock to give it super powers. In my experience, using penis enhancers is a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you want to make sex that much more intense. Good question, right? So that is why I like to keep the Super-Stretch Tickler Sleeves on me at all times.

This delightful package of cock sleeves comes in a variety of different pleasure enhancing exteriors. Some have nubs, nibs, and stud that are built to rub against the inside of her vagina and clitoris to give extra stimulation and the best part is that you are doing it all with your cock. When you get the Super-Stretch Tickler sleeves in the mail you will get a package of seven different penis enhancers all with their own power to please. Personally, I don’t know why more guys don’t use this amazing sex toy – a true gift from the erotic gods.

If you want to take it from me, I use these sleeves on a regular basis. I like the variety and the versatility of giving my penis even more pleasing powers. They are also really easy to put on. You can either roll it on like a condom with incredible ease or you can stretch it out and then place it on, like you are putting on a sock. It will stay put all through out sex. The sleeves also serve, if you put it towards the base of your penis, as a cock ring, which can restrict blood flow and make you harder for longer. It will also keep you from having an orgasm too soon.

The Tickler Sleeves are versatile and they keep you from having an orgasm – what more can you ask for? Combine that with the fact that you are stimulating almost every erogenous zone in the vagina and you’ve got a winning combination. What I like to do with this toy is work my way through all 7 cock sleeves. I like to spend a little time on each one and then move on. I might stick around with one that is giving her the most pleasure. And she will usually let me know which one to stick around on. In fact, every time I use a cock sleeve, and the Tickler Sleeves in particular, I have made the woman have a squirting orgasm. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using these.

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