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Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: The Adam and Eve Vibrating Bullet

If you know anything about Jack Gary you should know that I love the classics. Classic books, music, movies and more, but I also love classic sex toys. The Adam and Eve Vibrating Bullet is one of those toys. The silver bullet has been around for ages and is built for some incredible clitoral stimulation. Adam and Eve, like they usually do, has perfected the silver bullet and turned the sex toy into the durable, ergonomic and perfectly built vibrator that it’s supposed to be. If your sex toy arsenal isn’t loaded with the Vibrating Bullet, your arsenal isn’t loaded at all.

The vibrating bullet comes in two parts: the bullet part and the remote. The bullet itself is made out of a really unique plastic material and is shaped perfectly to fit in the hand to give some great clitoral stimulation. And the remote part, which is connected by a wire, can control the bullet with speeds that range from mild to high. My favorite part about the Vibrating Bullet is that it is so portable and durable. I think I usually carry around 4 or 5 of these things in my bag in case I take a really special woman home. It is also incredibly affordable, which makes it easy to buy a few different ones for a few different ladies.

One of my favorite things to do with the Vibrating Bullet is to massage all the erogenous zones. Because it’s so small and fits so perfectly in your hands, the bullet makes an excellent foreplay tool. There are a number of erogenous zone that if touched with the bullet will make you wetter than you have ever been. Guys, combine this with some kissing of the nipples and some good old fashioned clitoral licking, you’ll be off to an incredible start.

The first place I like to go with the Vibrating Bullet is the nipples. When that chick is lying naked on your bed just take the vibrator, turn it on the lowest setting and lightly massage the nipples. Switch off between kissing, sucking, and the Vibrating Bullet and you’ll have a magic cocktail for an incredible orgasm. You could even bring some ice into the mix and use that combined with the Vibrating Bullet for a whole other sensation. There are also a number of other erogenous zones you can visit before you reach the clit, but basically you want her to be begging for it.

Before you move to the clit, move the Vibrating Bullet to the hands, feet and any other area that she says she has erotic sensations. When she is finally begging for it, bring the Vibrating Bullet down to the clitoris and watch her write with pleasure. At the end of the day, this incredible erotic toy makes one of the best beginner vibrators. It is also a great solo vibrator for any woman to keep in her bedside table, especially if she wants to have one of the most sensual orgasms of her life.

The best place to buy the finest vibrating bullet is at AdamAndEve.com. Use Offer Code JACK at the checkout to get your favorite toys at HALF THE PRICE plus 3 FREE DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Shipping on ALL ORDERS.

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