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Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Wireless Venus Butterfly

When I think of sex I think of adventure. I think of fun. I think of getting into trouble. Not like getting arrested getting into trouble, but erotic trouble – being slightly bad. That is why I love erotic toys that are wireless and remote controlled. That is why I love the Wireless Venus Butterfly. It has been said before that this vibrator can help you achieve a 1-hour orgasm. I’m not making that up. However, what is so great about this vibrator is that it is unlike every other vibrator out there. Wireless, waterproof and hands free – what more can you want in an erotic toy?

However, what’s so special about this erotic toy is what you can do with it. You are probably thinking of a number of things off the top of your head. Yet, I have my own Jack Gary way that I like to play with this erotic toy that I’d like to share with all of you. My favorite way to use this toy is when I’m out in public. Sometimes it can be a little hard to have public sex, but with the Wireless Venus Butterfly is totally discreet and possible. I’ve given women multiple public orgasms with this vibrator.

First of all, this vibrator fits on just like a garter. You can wear it with or without panties. Sometimes wearing panties makes it feel a little more secure and private, especially when you are out and about. The vibrating part of the toy fits snug along your entire vagina – clit, labia and g-spot. It has it all covered. Also, the material is made of a really skin-safe jelly material that will feel great. So, if you are ready to on a little adventure, strap on the Wireless Venus Butterfly and lets go.

What I like to do is have a woman put on this vibrator right before we go out on a date. Of course I hold on to the remote. Whether you are out a nice restaurant, the ball game, or anywhere else in public it is a great way to get the foreplay going when the date isn’t even over yet. While you are sitting down the guy can play with the remote and turn it off and on as he wishes. If you are sitting across from each other at a restaurant it can get really hot.

Just some tips: don’t make your O face too obvious or else you’ll kicked out of wherever you are. Also, go someplace with dim, romantic lighting and lots of people – it is easier to blend in. The Wireless Venus Butterfly also makes a great toy for a solo masturbatory experience too. Because it is wireless and waterproof you can lay in the bath with your arms on the side and lets the vibrator do all the work. Trust me, you’ll wonder where this erotic toy has been all your life.

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