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Jack Gary

Jack Gary’s 5 Favorite Pocket Pussies

The other day someone asked me how I knew so damn much about sex toys. I told them that when you have as much sex as I do you kind of need to make it more exciting by adding a few elements that you can’t really add during sex; elements that can make sex much more exciting, but also enhance the pleasure of it – not just my pleasure, but if I have a woman in bed, her pleasure as well. The louder she screams, the hotter the sex will be. However, I have also found that this same philosophy applies to masturbation. In fact, sometimes I get sick of fucking and all I want to do is rub one out to some porn. In that case, there are so many male “instruments” that you can purchase to make masturbation an almost religious experience. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, some of my favorite masturbators are life-like pocket pussies, because quite honestly I can’t tell the different between the real thing. Here are some of my very favorite porn star pocket pussies.

  • If you’ve ever wanted to a chance to fuck a porn star, here it is. Belladonna’s Pocket Pussy is modeled directly from her gorgeous, tight cunt. Belladonna is one of the hottest porn stars in the industry right now. With the whole pocket pussy phenomenon, it is incredible that you can basically keep these porn star’s pussies in the privacy of your own house to fuck whenever the mood strikes you. And I enjoy Belladonna’s pussy because it has that unique tightness that make a fucking a real pussy so amazing. In my opinion this is one of the most miraculous masturbation tools. I recommend using a condom for easy clean up or going Braveheart with a little lube. If you really want to make the experience incredible, watch one of Belladonna’s movies while you are fucking her pussy. Or switch off between fucking her pussy and then have her get you off with a realistic mold of her hand with the Belladonna Magic Hand.
  • Another great one is the Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal. This is essentially like having porn star Sasha Grey’s mouth on the ready to suck you off whenever you want. Have you seen her in Penthouse magazine? She is by far one of the hottest porn stars and she is known for two things: anal sex and deep throating. With this pocket pal you can put your dick as far in as you want without being worried about making her choke. On the inside are a number of raised ridges that when you go in bareback feel great on your cock. Also, the mouth creates a natural suction feeling so it is like you are getting a real blowjob.  It also feels like real skin, so you can close your eyes and truly imagine you are getting a blowjob from Sasha Grey.
  • OooooooI feel so fleshy and good––sink your manly hard-on into my 6-inch deep pussy! Everyone say’s I’m tight, so a little water-based lube would be heavenly! My pussy lips feel so real –– I even hold them open for you! See how pink and engorged my clit is? That’s how excited I was during the exclusive molding process! Enter me any time you want for a satisfying balls-draining load!” That is what Ashlynn Brooke has to say about the amazing Perfect Pussy, which is molded off her real twat and even includes two fingers that can help guide your cock inside.
  • The Vicky Quickie Pocket Pussy has the word ‘quickie’ in it for a reason. The first time I used this pocket pussy, I shit you not, I came in less than three seconds. It was the first time this had ever happened to me. Best of all, I was ready to go about 2 minutes later. Apparently I didn’t have much to do that day. This pocket pussy is actually molded from adult porn star Vicky Vette who has done movies, like Everybody Loves Big Boobies, which if you watch while getting yourself off with the pocket pussy it is one grand combo that will be an unforgettable experience. It is also made out of a material called UR3®, which is a natural material that feels more like skin than any other synthetic material.
  • And finally, a pocket pussy was just released and is molded from all American girl next door star Jessie Andrews. The Jessie Andrews Pussy Stroker is your chance to fuck one of the hottest porn stars with the most perfect body and tits. Jessie Andrew was also named Best New Starlets of 2012, which should tell you how popular this gorgeous beauty is. Out of all the sex toys this is definitely the most detailed. Every inch of the inside of this pocket pussy feels like the real thing. I’ve tried this thing with lube and also with a condom and both work perfectly. A condom works a little better because there is less clean up in the end. So if you want to have a young, hot, tight pussy around for your disposal to fuck whenever you want this is it. It also makes a great handjob or foreplay tool for couples. No matter how you use it, it is sure to get you off like no other pocket pussy can.

At the end of the day, why wouldn’t you have a pocket pussy around if you could? It is basically like fucking the real thing without all the hassle. Sometimes it’s fun to pop in a DVD, lube up your cock and pull out the pocket pussy some no drama solo guy time.

If you want to purchase any of the above pocket pussies, which I highly recommend you try all of them, click on the links to Adam & Eve and if you enter my name JACK at checkout, you can get 50% off, free completely discreet shipping (no one will know what’s in the box when it gets to your doorstep!), free DVDs and a mystery gift. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. When you use one write me a note or a comment below to let me know what you think.

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