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Jack Gary

Jack Gary’s Guide to Being More Confident In The Bedroom

In this piece I want to talk about something that is very dear to my heart: being more confident in the bedroom. And I’m not talking about when you are alone in your bedroom, but with a hot woman. I also want to tell you about a great erotic tool I found that can increase your confidence and a place where you can get it for a whopping 50% off, but more on that in the last paragraph. Here is Jack Gary’s guide to being more confident in the bedroom.

Adam & Eve "Make Me Cum" Clit Sensitizer

Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer

First, you need to know what she likes. So, before you slap on that condom and just start pounding away, it is important to get to know her body first. Making love to a woman is not the most complicated thing in the world, but it is important to know each woman is different and each woman has a different way she likes doing things in bed. Once you start getting the hang of what she likes – maybe it’s a certain pace or maybe she likes a certain part of her body to be kissed – you can start to explore more. Knowing exactly what you are doing will instill so much more confidence.

Next, act like you know what you are doing, but don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Most guys think they have to be a certain way in bed, but most of the time it doesn’t work and it is quite obvious to the woman that you are trying way too hard. If you want to really impress her, be yourself. If you are inexperienced in the bedroom, always do what you know how to do. By trying something you saw while watching porn or trying something a friend told you to do, you will only embarrass yourself. Chances are that if she doesn’t like what you are doing, she will tell you, which is great because you can learn so many new things this way and it will make you better in bed – in the long run.

Always delay. You want to tease her as much as possible. The one thing that makes most guys feel nervous in bed is the sex part. However, the longer you spend during foreplay, the shorter the sex will be, and this is definitely a good thing. You want her to be dripping wet and insanely horny before you even start to penetrate her. If you can do that, she will reach climax in a much shorter time, and she’ll be wondering how the hell you did that. In foreplay, you can use a vibrator, your finger, tongue or you can simply kiss and touch each other. When she is really begging for it, you can give it to her.

Lastly, if you want to increase your confidence in bed, I recommend that all men keep a jar of Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer. This amazing cream is added to the woman’s clitoris about 10 minutes into sex and it will increase the sensitivity of the clitoris to the point where she will be having screaming orgasms – literally screaming. I’ve used this on many women and it actually works – it is also great to induce multiple orgasms, because nothing will make you more confident in bed than the ability to give a woman multiple earth shattering orgasms.  Right now,  you can pick up the Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer by heading on over to Adam & Eve and if you enter my name JACK at checkout you can get 50% off, free completely discreet shipping (no one will know what’s in the box when it gets to your doorstep!), three free DVDs and a mystery gift.

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