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Jack Gary

Jack Gary’s Guide to the AF-Spot

Okay, I know what you are thinking: Another “spot” guys have to find? The AF-spot is one of the hardest to find and most underrated parts of the female anatomy. In fact, some women report that when stimulated, an AF-spot orgasm can actually feel better than a g-spot orgasm. In this article I want to talk about the AF-spot and I’ll also recommend an amazing product that I like to use to stimulate the AF-spot, but more on that in the last paragraph. In the meantime, here is Jack Gary’s guide to the AF-spot.

What is the AF-spot? The AF-spot is the anterior fornix erogenous zone. Basically, if the g-spot is in the middle of the road, the anterior fornix erogenous zone, or AF-spot, is at the very end, so you really have to get in there to find it and stimulate it. Some women say that stimulation of the AF-spot can result in instantaneous vaginal lubrication and immediate orgasm. The best part is, that women report that they can reach orgasm by having the AF-spot stimulated without any other assistance. Basically, if a guy learned where and how to stimulate the AF-spot, he would be an instant champion in bed.

Where is the AF-spot? If you were to slowly put your fingers inside of a woman’s vagina, you would keep going until you couldn’t keep going anymore. Basically, the AF-spot is at the very far end of the vagina – way past the g-spot. You will feel the AF-spot, because it will feel slightly spongy and it will become slightly swollen even with the slightest touch. You will also start to notice extreme lubrication. Just make sure that when your fingers are inside her vagina, make a “come hither” motion towards yourself and congratulations, you have just found the AF spot.

How do I stimulate the AF-spot? One of the best ways to stimulate the AF-spot is to go slowly – really slowly. It won’t be everyday that you will be taking the time to find the AF-spot, so you want to start off on the outside and make your way in. Guys, you are in for a very long journey if you make it a point to get a woman off by stimulating her AF-spot. However, if you take the time, when your woman reaches climax, it will all be worth it. So, be sure to start slow and then work your way in. You can also use a vibrator to maximize the stimulation.

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Lelo Ina Pleasure Object

Lastly, one of my favorite tools to use when I am stimulating a woman’s AF-spot is the Lelo Ina Pleasure Object. This amazing vibrator has a special shaft and head that is designed exclusively for g-spot stimulation, but the vibrations are powerful enough to reach the AF-spot. With this vibrator, you have 8 different pulsation levels and multiple different levels of vibrating power, so that you can find the perfect level that will make her come like she has never come in her entire life. Also, this vibrator has a completely rechargeable battery, so you never have to worry about cutting your fun short.

Right now, you can pick up the Lelo Ina Pleasure Object by heading on over to and if you enter my code HOTSEX at checkout, you can get a FREE Instructional DVD plus a FREE Vibrating Toy, and FREE Completely Discreet Shipping (no one will know what’s in the box when it gets to your doorstep!).

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