Thursday 28th October 2021,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary’s Ultimate Guide To Having Sex In The Great Outdoor

Summer is almost over and what do you have to show for it? A tan, maybe some bug bites, and some blisters on your toes. But what about the sexual exploits and adventures – where are the harrowing tales of your sexcapades in the great outdoors. In this article I want to talk about some of the most basic rules to having sex in the great outdoors – in the wild – in nature. I will also recommend a great product you can use and I’ll give you a link where you can pick it up for half off, but more on that in the last paragraph. In the meantime, here is Jack Gary’s ultimate guide to having sex outdoors.

First, you want to bring protection – yes, a condom might come in handy – but you also need blankets and a tent, especially if you are camping or spending the night outdoors. The last thing you want is to get it on outside and have to deal with a bunch of fire ants crawling over you and in places you would never want any bugs to go. Moreover, you don’t want to accidently make love on some poison ivy either.

Next, you want to wear protection too. Again, not only should you bring a condom with you, you should also wear sunscreen as well. Getting buck naked in the wild can be a recipe for a bad sunburn – the more skin exposure, the worse the burn is going to be. And yes, you should bring a condom because it will be the easiest way to clean up. Chances are you won’t be able to reach for a sock, because the socks you have are your only pair – and who knows where the nearest river or body of water is.

Another important thing is to always clean up after yourselves. Chances are that you will have a lot of detritus from your love making rendezvous in the great outdoors – condoms, wrappers, and maybe even a few wine bottles. The last thing you want is to leave your condoms behind for some other camper to find. Also, you don’t want any bears or animals to accidently consume your old condoms, or food wrappers and get sick. It happens all the time, so you want to make sure that when you get down in the great outdoors, to be as efficient as possible.

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