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Jack’s Ultimate List Of Beginner’s Sex Toys and Vibrators

When most people think of sex toys they usually think of one or two things: vibrators or dildos. These people are, of course, erotic toy novices, which totally okay. They might be intimidated perhaps by the cost of sex toys or simply because there is a certain taboo surrounding them. Moreover, people who have never used them might think they are bulky or uneasy to keep hidden in the house. And the number one concern about sex toys is oftentimes that it will show up at their doorstep in a clear box and all your friends, family and neighbors will know that you’ve just ordered a sex toy and are a total freak. In this article I want to debunk some of those concerns. Firstly, if you order from Adam & Eve it will show up at your doorstep and will look like any other package – literally no one will know what’s inside. Secondly, erotic toys come in a literal plethora of different shapes and sizes. You can start small, you can start big – you can literally start anywhere you want to start. In fact, here are some great starter erotic toys that are perfect for couples and are all under $10 and you can even toss them out afterwards, just like a condom.

Bree Olson Finger Banger

  1. The Screaming O Vibrating Ring is a vibrating cock ring with a battery included. Simple and perfect. What’s so great about cock rings? Well, cock rings are great for a number of reasons, but mainly because they partially restrict blood flow to the cock, which can allow for increased stamina and you stay harder for longer. Basically, they are the secret to how a guy can last longer in bed and withhold ejaculation, which is great for the ladies. No guy or woman wants the guy to come to soon, but unfortunately our bodies are built to blow our loads way too soon. However, a cock ring will fix all that. This cock ring is also great because it has a little vibrator in it, so that each time you thrust inside her or hold her tight it will stimulate her clitoris. This cock ring is also perfect to take on trips. I recommend getting a few if you know you’ll be an “active user.” 
  2. Next, if you want a little backdoor action, try the Bree Olson Finger Bangers. These things come in a package of one and are all different. Literally each one has a different color and different material, so if you pick up a couple you will get a different sensation each time. Moreover, they vibrate and you can use a new one each time. For guys, these finger bangers are both the perfect tool to introduce yourself to the magic of prostate orgasms. If you are the type of guy that likes his lady to put her finger in his butt while she is blowing him, you will absolutely love the vibrating sensation of these anal plugs. Each one gets a vibration time of about 20 minutes, so they are perfect for one time use. I recommend getting at least 5 to start and get used to them first. It might be a regular thing for you. 
  3. Did you know they make vibrators that fit onto your tongue? Did you know you could pick one up for less than 10 bucks? The Tongue Teaser is perfect for oral sex or foreplay fun. Every guy knows that feeling in his tongue the morning after some rigorous pussy licking. This will not only solve the problem of “tired pussy licking tongue,” but will also get her off in ways she never thought were possible. Another fun way to use this erotic tool is when she is going down on the guy. This tongue teaser makes a great fellatio tool as well. No matter what, though, you can get a bunch of these and use them for all sorts of occasions. For the guy who goes down on a lot of chicks, you might be using these a lot. 
  4. There is also another way to becoming a “cunning linguist” with another tongue teaser called Lingo O Vibrating Tongue Ring, which is different because it fits on your tongue with a little ring like contraption that makes it way easier to hold on to when you are really going at it down there.  This thing has unique ridges and grooves like a real tongue, a high-powered vibration motor that lasts up to 40 minutes and batteries are included. What can be more perfect? It is also disposable so you never have to clean anything up. Best of all you get to give your poor tongue a much needed break and you get to give the lady in your bed tonight one of the most wild orgasms she has ever had. 
  5. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the O Glow Mini Vibrator, which is essentially the perfect way to bring the party back to the bedroom. Basically, this thing comes single in a package, which is perfect if you come single too, because this vibrator is one push and lights up when the vibrating action starts. The best part is that it’s waterproof so you can use this toy in the shower, tub or even the pool. Also, it is affordable enough to where you can just toss it out afterwards, but it comes with a number of batteries that you can change, so you can actually use this little, quite powerful vibrator time and time again. The fun part about this toy is to see it glow down between her thighs. 

So, hopefully I blew a few minds with these unassuming and affordable fun bedroom tools. For anyone that isn’t used to erotic toys, these tools are perfect for the beginner that wants to take it a step further with their significant other in the bedroom.  And because I am god in the bedroom I can give my readers an incredible deal if they want to purchase any of the above erotic toys.

Just click on the links to Adam & Eve and if you enter my name JACK at checkout you can get 50% off, free completely discreet shipping (no one will know what’s in the box when it gets to your doorstep!), free DVDs and a mystery gift. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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