Saturday 16th January 2021,
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Kim Kardashian: Reality TV Star or Feminist Role Model?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian – daughter of OJ Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian, reality TV star and feminist? Kim K, as they call her, is one of the highest paid reality television stars on the boob tube. She also has enormous boobs – and she is quite famous for her enormous, badonkadonk butt, which was framed quite nicely in her sex tape with her previous boyfriend. Even though it was a sex tape that wasn’t supposed to be released, she got 5 million dollars for it. She gets bazillions of dollars for flaunting a lot of her sexuality. But is she the new face, or butt, of feminism? Some people are saying so.

Most of the people that argue that Kim Kardashian is a feminist might be legally insane, but their argument is a valid one. Is Kim K the next Joan of Arc? Probably not, but there are probably a lot of people who wish she would burn at the stake. Yet, people argue that because Kim Kardashian stands up for her sexuality, flaunts it, but then keeps it so reserved, she embodies the power of a strong feminist – not a fame-whore who dreams in black and white. This bitch dreams in green.

Now that Kim K is married to Kanye West – lucky him? –and has a child, we can’t really bash her anymore. She is probably far from a feminist and she probably isn’t a very nice in person – rich people tend to be deluded – but she is still a person. It is important to find out, though, what we can learn not only from Kim Kardashian as a person, but as a personality – as an icon of a very specific time, place and generation. You could call this generation ‘the reality generation,’ but it is more surreal than real – most of the time when you turn on the television it feels identical to a bad dream.

Anais Nin said that pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood are some of the loneliest months of a woman’s life. Kim Kardashian’s baby is North – the last name of course is West. That’s North West if you didn’t put those two together. Maybe instead of speculating and saying hateful things about Kim K, we should be offering advice. If pregnancy is a lonely time, maybe she needs a helping hand. Maybe she needs a little device that can get her off – when the paparazzi is gone and Kanye is on tour.

Ben Wa Balls On A String

Ben Wa Balls On A String

Lastly, here is my recommendation for Kim Kardashian – a pair of Ben Wa Balls On a String. I recommend these amazing pleasure balls, because chances are that Kim K needs to get back on the horse again, and soon, so she is going to need something to tighten up those kegel muscles. Yet, not only do these erotic balls make your vagina tighter, they can also be pleasurable too. For Kim Kardashian, a tighter vagina won’t only be great for Kanye, but it will also make her orgasms intense as well.

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