Friday 15th January 2021,
Jack Gary

Lady Gaga Gets Naked For Art

So, Lady Gaga gets naked for art and the whole blogosphere and twittersphere explodes with shocked comments and breaking news. But why is this so shocking? Why should we be so shocked about Lady Gaga getting naked for art, and yet not be so shocked about her wearing a meat dress to an award’s ceremony. Okay, maybe that was shocking too, but there is something about seeing Lady Gaga in her birthday suit that really gets us going. There she is, Lady Gaga, one of the world’s biggest pop stars naked in a forest, hugging a crystal and being generally, well, artsy. But why, oh why, do we care?

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Lady Gaga surrounds herself in crystals to end the intriguing series of scenes

First, lets take a look at the context of the video or the reason why she got naked in the first place. The video of Lady Gaga nude was taken at queen of pop art Marina Abramovich’s upstate New York retreat – a retreat where all things artsy happen on a daily basis. Abramovich is known for her connection with celebritydom. She has been seen canoodling with the likes of James Franco other pseudo-intellectuals with too much money and too much time on their hands. That’s wear Lady Gaga comes in.

The video features Lady Gaga chanting, standing in a river with a thing over her head and hugging a giant crystal – all in the buff. The video was for a Kickstarter campaign promoting Ambramovich’s institute where she teaches other people – not regular people like you – to tap into their artsy side. Gaga is perfect for this, because of course the Internet explodes when they see all her lady bits – all out in the open. Maybe it’s because she is a pop star – a very big pop star with millions of record sales – that is so shocking, but the truth is that we’ve seen all this before.

In the 90s, pop diva Madonna did almost the same thing when she published a book full of naked photos of herself – including some pretty naughty ones involving whips, chains and multiple guys at once. Lady Gaga in this instance is just following the Yellow Brick Road of pop stardom: first you come out with an album that takes the world by storm and you remain a little mysterious, then you start to wear all sorts of crazy outfits to drum up record sales and to keep yourself relevant, and when people get tired of all that, you take off your clothes.

Regardless if Lady Gaga’s nude performance in the video is actually for art, it is and always will be hopeless pandering. Why is it so shocking? It is shocking simply because it’s shocking. Seeing a famous person’s private parts, either in a sex tape, or a nipple or vagina slip, is shocking. It’s like we’re not supposed to see these things, and when we do, we either thank the gods or curse them. Luckily for Lady Gaga, her body ain’t half bad.

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“image source(s): Lady Gaga strips down naked for Marina Abramovic’s Kickstarter art project

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