Thursday 28th October 2021,
Jack Gary

Must Have Glass Sex Toys At

In this week’s Jack Has Your Back, allow me to share to you some of the most awesome glass sex toys in the market. Glass is an amazing material for erotic toys as they are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and adapts to your body temperature. You need not worry of breaking as glass sex toys most especially those from Adam & Eve are made from high quality glass that never breaks.

I highly recommend the following glass sex toys from A&E Blue Swirl Glass 4-Way ‘G’, an erotic toy that can pleasure you in four different ways, and Crystal Kegel Glass Dildo that amazingly stimulates g-spot and strengthens kegel muscles at the same time. These glass sex toys are a must add to your erotic sex toy collection.

Shop for your favorite erotic toys at and always use my code JACK at the checkout to get 50% Discount plus 3 FREE Hot DVDs, a FREE Mystery Gift, and FREE Shipping on your entire order.

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