Thursday 28th October 2021,
Jack Gary

Jack Gary Review: Best Cyberskin Realistic Max Vibrating Cock and Balls Dildo

If you want something fun to play with that is both realistic and vibrates, then the Max Vibrating Cock & Balls is for you. This realistic vibrating dildo is great, because it feels like the real thing. This best realistic vibrating dildo is made out of a special, patented cyberskin [...]

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Jack Gary Review: Best Wild G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Like I said before, this is the fighter pilot of vibrators. Personally, I’ve never seen another sex toy give a woman such a large g-spot orgasm. The Wild G-Spot Vibrator is designed to give earth shattering g-spot orgasms, but it also stimulates every other vaginal, erogenous zone you can think of. Also, [...]

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Jack Gary Review: Best Vibrating Cock Ring The Lover’s Delight Nubby

This is a great little toy, because it’s fun for him and her – in one little device. The Lover’s Delight Nubby is a male cock ring – which is great, because it restricts blood flow so you stay harder for longer, and it keeps you from blowing your load [...]

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