Thursday 28th October 2021,
Jack Gary

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What Guys Can Learn From 50 Shades of Grey

From the title of this article you might immediately think this article isn’t for you. However, 50 Shades of Grey – one of the fastest and best selling books in history (it’s sold more copies than the bible) – a [...]


Must Have Glass Sex Toys At

In this week’s Jack Has Your Back, allow me to share to you some of the most awesome glass sex toys in the market. Glass is an amazing material for erotic toys as they are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and [...]


Jack Gary Review: Crystal Kegel Glass Dildo

Ladies, there is nothing like making love to a woman who has an incredibly tight vagina. Most of the time this is genetic – the vagina just stays tight for the long haul – no matter how many 10 inch [...]


Jack Gary Review: Wireless Venus Butterfly

When I think of sex I think of adventure. I think of fun. I think of getting into trouble. Not like getting arrested getting into trouble, but erotic trouble – being slightly bad. That is why I love erotic toys [...]


Jack Gary Review: Silicone Prostate Probe

As a guy, there is nothing that I like better than getting my prostate massaged by a lady. It might seem strange, but I recommend that a woman put a finger or two in my ass when she is going [...]