Tuesday 15th June 2021,
Jack Gary

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Jack Gary’s Guide to Luxury Vibrators

If you should know anything about me, it’s that I have insanely expensive taste. I’m almost positive that if you put two samples of caviar in front of me I’d choose the thousand-dollar tin versus the hundred-dollar tin. The same [...]


The Essential Tools of Bondage

Bondage is one of those things that people are afraid of only because of what they have read or watched on TV. However, the bondage lifestyle isn’t as extreme as most people make it out to be. There are many [...]


The Perfect Erotic Toys To Get Your Girlfriend

I think one of my first articles on this site was about why I’m not in a committed relationship and never will be. However, I know a lot of guys with girlfriends and they are always asking what they should [...]


Top 5 Travel Destinations to Meet the Hottest Girls

Now that summer is inching closer and closer, it is almost that time: to get on a jet plane and take a much needed vacation. I know I’ve been working hard this year and deserve to take a break – [...]


The Magic of Ben Wa Balls

Nobody really knows who Ben Wa was, but we do know for certain he loved tight vaginas. I mean, who doesn’t? For centuries, as part of ancient Chinese traditions, two small metallic balls have been used to strengthen the pelvic [...]


The Perfect Sex Toys To Take With You On Vacation

Have you ever seen the expression on a customs agent’s face when he or she pulls a giant sex toy out of your luggage? Oh yeah, the TSA loves sex toys – not really. However, that is why you need [...]