Friday 07th May 2021,
Jack Gary

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3 Things Women Need to Do More Of In Bed

There are a lot of things that women wish men would do more of in bed, but what about us guys – don’t we get a say in this whole thing? What about our needs? In this article I want [...]


Jack Gary’s Girl Reviewing Sportsheet Sex Sling From

One of my best girl again reviews one of the most amazing sex tools at Sportsheet Sex Sling – favorite sex toy for couples, this awesome tool is used to support lovemaking positions in a much longer time. Experience [...]


Jack Gary Review: Sportsheets Sex Sling

One of my favorite apparatuses to keep in my luggage when I go out of town is the Sex Sling. The sex sling is incredible, because it you can give your partner an even deeper g-spot orgasm. By holding up [...]