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Jack Gary

The Best Sex Toys on Sale

If you know anything about me I love good bargain. I love being able to pick up a few sex toys and know that I’m not only getting an amazing deal, but also that I am saving a lot of money. When it comes to sex toys, I like to fill my arsenal anyway I can – so it’s important that I can stock up without feeling like I just blew way too much money. Also, with my amazing deal I get (go to enter JACK at checkout and get 50% OFF your order, FREE Shipping, and more) – I am saving even more money, which is amazing. What to do with all that extra money?! I’ll probably take a girl out to a really nice restaurant and I’ll try and impress her with an expensive meal – that’s what I always do. Here are some of the best sex toys on sale that I’ve found.

  • Couples Duel Pleasure Ring. Everyone knows that I love cock rings. Yet, besides this cock ring being so affordable and so on sale, this thing is actually one of the best cock rings on the market. Basically, you have this stretch material that slides right on your cock, a vibrating bullet so she can have some extra stimulating pleasure, and an extra little ring you can put your balls through. I love cock rings because when you wear one you feel like a god in bed. Basically, they slightly restrict blood flow to the cock so that you guys out there can last longer in bed. Put this thing on your already erect cock and you’ll be going all night long – no questions asked.
Couples Dual Pleasure Ring

Couples Dual Pleasure Ring

  • Adam and Eve Pocket Rocket Vibrator. For women, this is one of the most ideal indiscreet vibrators you can get your hands on. It’s small, it’s powerful and it’s versatile. It is also waterproof so you can jump into the bath with this vibrator and have a nice relaxing afternoon moment with just yourself and the warm water falling all over your body. What’s so great about this vibrator is the little vibrating balls that are on the tip. You can go bare balls or you can screw on one of the four pleasure caps that come with this vibrator. Each pleasure cap, which screws on with perfect ease, has different nubs so that you can get a unique erotic experience each time – a different orgasm, a different sensation – running up and down your erogenous zone. I’d say that is more than just a bargain.
Adam & Eve Waterproof Pocket Rocket Vibrator

Adam & Eve Waterproof Pocket Rocket Vibrator

  • E-Glass Screamer Glass Dildo. It’s tough to find a really quality glass dildo that is both affordable and that is really well designed. Well, this dildo is not only incredibly affordable, but the design is perfect for everything from anal pleasure to g-spot pleasure and back around again. Basically, this dildo, which ergonomically curves for easy handling has three glass pleasure bulbs on one end and then one big bulb on the other. The three smaller bulbs will give him one of the most incredible prostate orgasms and the large bulb is built to rock the g-spot until you don’t even know where you are anymore – that’s pleasure. What is so great about glass dildos is the unique fact that you can put it in ice for a titillating new experience or in warm water for whole other pleasurable experience. Glass also matches your body temperature so it’s also one of the most comfortable masturbatory experiences.
E-Glass Screamer Glass Dildo

E-Glass Screamer Glass Dildo

  • Lia Pleasure “O” Vibrator. This vibrator is unique because of it’s vibrating loop. Some genius realized that the vagina is very interestingly shaped, so why not make a vibrator with a vibrating lasso to give her the most pleasure possible? Basically, the vibrating loop circles around the clit to give it unprecedented orgasmic sensations. Yet, this vibrator doesn’t just have the most amazing modern design, but also you’ve got 10 different vibrating speeds. This is also one of the quietest vibrators on the market. If you are looking for a vibrator that won’t wake up your husband or your roommate, this vibrator is it. However, this vibrator also makes for an incredible foreplay tool as well, especially if you want to bring yourself as close to orgasm as possible and then pull back at the last moment to let his pleasure tool do the rest of the work.
Lia Pleasure "O" Vibrator

Lia Pleasure “O” Vibrator

  • Lelo Pico Ipo Finger Vibrator. This is another vibrator from luxury sex toy maker Lelo. Whereas most of their vibrator will set you back nearly $100 or more, this one won’t even put a dent in your wallet. This is great, because it gives you a chance to own one of the most advanced vibrators on the market. Besides being discreet and having the ability to strap this vibrator onto your finger, it also has an amazing 12 different vibration speeds and pulsations. This means that you can basically never get bored with this vibrator. A lot of vibrators can get a little boring, because after a while you are sick of the same old vibrating speed, but with this technologically advanced vibrator you’ll never get tired. This vibrator is really sleek and easy to use – the buttons are all laid out so you never have to be confused about how it turns on, which is actually, quite surprisingly, a problem most newer gadgets. No matter what, though, this will be an orgasmic experience like none other.

Lelo Pico Bong Ipo Finger Vibrator

When you are looking for a vibrator, sometimes it can be smart to wait for an amazing discount or for when the toy actually goes on sale, because when it comes to erotic toys you want to get the most bang (literally) for your buck. Guys, if you want to take it from Jack Gary, do your lady a favor and give her some extra pleasure – they deserve it.

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