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Jack Gary

The Perfect Erotic Toys To Get Your Girlfriend

I think one of my first articles on this site was about why I’m not in a committed relationship and never will be. However, I know a lot of guys with girlfriends and they are always asking what they should get them for gifts – whether for a birthday, an anniversary, or just a whatever gift. They are always spitting out a few ideas first before I can get a word in edgewise. It’s always a bouquet of flowers, a dinner and a massage, a diamond ring, lingerie, a romantic weekend getaway, etc. Boring. Boring. Boring. Of course, all those things are nice, but when does it get a little played out? When will your girlfriend get bored of the rings? You know she only has ten fingers. Flowers? They die and guys always end up getting the ones that make the house smell like a cat died of the ebola virus.

So, that being said, my suggestion is always simple: get her something for her. Get her a gift that she can use in the bedroom – with you during foreplay – and also something she can use on her own. You know that your girlfriend cheats on you – with herself – right? Yes, your girlfriend is probably masturbating right now as you read this – in the shower, next to you in bed when you go to sleep, when she takes a “nap.” Here are a few great gift ideas for your girlfriend – at least she’ll be thinking of you when she rocks her own clit.

Wild G-Spot Vibrator

Wild G-Spot Vibrator

  • If you want to get her the ultimate vibrator, the Wild G-Spot Vibrator is a state-of-the-art erotic tool that she’ll be relying on a lot when you aren’t around. Like I’ve said before, this is the fighter jet of vibrators.  This thing is by far the most popular and top selling vibrator, because you get such unique sensations out of it. You have a rotating g-spot stimulator, rabbit ear clitoral stimulator and little rotating beads, which are really designed to massage all of the erogenous zones while the rest of this vibe works all the specific pleasure spots. Another great thing about this vibrator is that it is made out of a unique material that is not only ultra safe for the body, but also doesn’t have that rubbery smell that other vibrators have. The Wild G-Spot Vibrator also has the amazing distinction of having 6 speeds – 3 for rotation and 3 for vibration. This is really a vibrator for those girlfriends that are extremely hard to please.
Eve's Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator

Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator

  • Another great vibrator is called the Eve’s Slim Pink Vibrator. You will usually find this vibrator on backorder because it is just so damn popular. I know what you might be thinking if you click on the link: “A little dick shaped vibrator my girlfriend – no way?” But think about it – does it really matter? As long she’s satisfied, right? Anyways, the dick shape is actually what makes this vibrator so great. At least she won’t be thinking of anyone else while you are gone, right? Why would she? This vibrator is a classic 7-inches long and has the perfect girth too. This vibrator and dildo hybrid is also insertable, and also has multiple speeds. She can also take this thing in the bath, pool or hot tub if the she wants. I recommend adding some lubrication for extra pleasure. I also recommend this toy simply because I have so many first hand reviews from women who tell me that this just might be the perfect vibrator for women – I always take their word for it.
L'amour Desire Vibrator

L’amour Desire Vibrator

  • And when you are looking for a vibrator that is guaranteed to give her the most pleasure, I always go with the L’Amour Desire Vibrator. I didn’t choose this vibrator because it has a fancy French name, but also because of its unique functionality. At 6 ½ inches long, this vibrator is made out of pure silicone – it almost feels just like real skin – and a perfectly shaped head that is sure to give her some unbelievable g-spot orgasms. It is also whisper quiet, so when your girlfriend does take that “nap” you won’t even know what’s going on. Listen guys, every girl needs a bedside companion. It’s just part of the feminine way. This vibrator also has a whopping 7 functions of vibrations, pulsations and escalations – so this thing has a lot of versatility, which is perfect for those picky and finicky girlfriends.
Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object

Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object

  • If you are looking for the vibrator of the future, look no further than the Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object. There is a reason why so many sex toys haven’t changed in the last 30 years, because they don’t need to. The only thing that has changed about most sex toys is that the materials are safer for the body and the environment. Vibrators are like cars – old and new they all have four wheels and a steering wheel. However, the Lelo Gigi Pleasure Object is the self-driving flying care of sex toys. These vibrators are made in a secret Swedish laboratory and are designed for maximum pleasure. You’d expect that the place that invented chocolate milk would know a few things about pleasure. With 5 completely different vibration patterns and a totally unique pleasure head, this thing is designed to give unbelievable clitoral stimulation and orgasms. Couples who use this vibrator say it takes their sexuality to a whole new level they never knew was possible. Most people scoff at the price at first, but when you combine the fact that it has a yearlong warranty and a number of other incredible features, you are kind of getting a bargain. It might be an investment, but definitely a worthwhile one.

With any one of these vibrators I also recommend a dinner or whatever else you were thinking of doing for your special lady, because that is just a nice thing to do. Top it all off with the gift of a vibrator and you have a great little gift package. Guys if you want to take it from Jack Gary, do your lady a favor and give her some extra pleasure – they deserve it.

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