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The Truth About Blue Balls

In this article I want to talk about blue balls – a lot of guys have been there before, but no one is really getting down to the bottom of it. Any guy who has been cock teased before can tell you the pain and suffering of blue balls. In this article I also want to talk about a great product that is one of the best cures for blue balls, but more on that in the last paragraph. In the meantime, here is the truth about blue balls.

Blue balls got it’s name long, long ago, because the feeling can be akin to a heavy bruising in the testicles after being sexual aroused. Many men feel the excruciating pain of blue balls, but many don’t know they anatomical science behind it and why it happens in the first place. They just know that if they cum, the pain will go away. Yet, blue balls is a little more complex than that.

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The medical name for blue balls is epididymal hypertension or vasocongestion. During sexual arousal, blood travels to the penis and testicles. When a man becomes hard, there are certain muscles and veins that constrict to keep the blood in to maintain the erection. After a while, however, if orgasm or climax is not achieved, that constriction can be felt in the testicles.

Moreover, there is no scientific cure to blue balls – just a release seems to do the trick. It is also important to know that you should never use blue balls as a way to get sex out of a woman. The best thing you can do is hold it and withstand the pain until you can give yourself an auto-release. You can also meditate, relax, or take a bath, because eventually the feeling will go away. As the vessels de-constrict, the pain from blue balls will slowly subside.

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