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Jack Gary

Things Every Guy Needs To Know To Make Her Happy

In this article I want to talk about how you can make a woman happy – which is not something a lot of guys know how to do – and I’m also going to recommend a great erotic tool I just found that has increased my ability to pleasure a woman ten fold. And if you stay tuned until the end I’ll provide a link where you can get that product for 50% OFF, but I’ll get to that in the last paragraph. Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to know what a woman wants and it is easy to give it to her, but you have to be an attentive lover and you have to keep your mind open. Here are some things every guy needs to know to make her happy.

Couples Dual Pleasure Ring

Couples Dual Pleasure Ring

First, listen to her. This might sound simple, but wait until you do something she doesn’t like – whether this is in bed or in your relationship, she will be sure to let you know. If you had just listened in the first place, you would have known she doesn’t like giving you oral sex if you haven’t gone down on her first, or you wouldn’t have known that she enjoys reverse cowgirl the most. The more attentive you are, the more you will pick up on all the cues she gives about the things she likes, thus you will have a much better chance of pleasuring her the right way. And because every other guy has done it the wrong way before, you will be hailed the champion.

Next, make love to her mind and her body at the same time. This isn’t some weird voodoo, but a tried and true method to use while you are making love to a woman. If you focus too much on you and how much pleasure you are getting out of your experience, it will be impossible to focus on her and how much pleasure she is getting. You have listen to her moans and screams – find out what you are doing that is pleasuring her the most and keep doing it. The moment you step out of the realm of thinking about how each and every move of your body affects her, is the moment things get less pleasurable for the woman. A woman makes love with her body, soul and mind – remember that.

Furthermore, there is a great product that I have found that has this magical ability to better connect two partners and to give her more pleasure, and it’s called the Couples Dual Pleasure Ring. Cock rings are great for a number of reasons. For one, a vibrating cock ring can provide pleasure for him and extra stimulation for her, because with the little vibrating bullet at the top the cock ring you can pleasure her clitoris while your cock takes care of her g-spot. For the guy, a cock ring can actually help him postpone an orgasm until the very last moment, which is amazing because for once she gets to finish first. This cock ring in particular is great because it provides another special ring for the testicles – just to increase the pleasure. Moreover, it is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, bath, or even pool.

If you want to pick up the Couples Dual Pleasure Ring, head on over to and if you enter my name JACK at check out you can get 50% off, free completely discreet shipping (no one will know what’s in the box when it gets to your doorstep!), three free DVDs and a mystery gift.

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